Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going to Portland!

Hey guys!! Things are in motion again as they always seem to be! EvE Descended is on hold until a later date, so my apologies to the fans that were ready to dig on it. So here's the news! Andrew and I are going to Portland Oregon for 17 days to see if we can land some jobs! LAIKA and Cinematics are hiring animators and this isn't a bad time for some low cost air flights, so we're good to go!

We will be staying with my aunt who lives in the area, one of several relatives I have there. If we land a gig, we will do what we can to get an apartment and move permanently. If not we will be back and my project NEW DEMO REEL will begin for the winter season. Expect more than just 3D animation. Is flash animation considered traditional if it is drawn with a tablet? ¬.¬ There has been a traditional animation hanging over my head since college that is DUE to be realized. And lots of tests... many, many tests... fun things >:D