Friday, June 15, 2012


There's been a change in plans, I'm going to make the 3D characters of said illustrations that I've made for my once hoped traditional animation.  For one I shall have character models, and secondly rigs, and thirdly animation if that time comes and I still feel the fire of motivation to give them life.  It will be a while from now surely.

But yes, I'm going to model and rig the main character in low poly for now, and soon following will be the rest if I'm going to design the cast.  Or at least their models.  It will be delicious.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Projects

Well it's been a very busy few weeks with a new job at Quicken Loans.  I'd forgotten the demands of full-time reality and I've been able to invest very little along the lines of creativity.  SO!  Here are some updates on the plans I have for future projects and commissions:

I have 2 clients in line waiting for some quotes on some really neat commissions.  I'm liking the ideas people have in mind.  :)

I have 3 free commissions on the backburner as they're low priority.

Now I have 2 very large projects that will be taking some presidence in my free time, if and when I have some...  The first is modeling and animating some very simple concept characters for a new demo reel.  Right now I'm not that anxious to dive in, not just yet, because I just started a new job.

So prequel to this endevour is my latest project that I just started yesterday.  I plan to do a traditional animation to "The Mariner's Revenge" which is a 9 minute song by The Decemberists.  Come to find out the song doesn't have an official video, but there are a lot of fan made ones and I would like to aim at something more professional.  :)  I totally understand the scale of what I would "like" to do, so it may turn into an art series or perhaps a motion comic.  We'll see what the future holds and/or allows.

That's everything!!  I do have sketches started which I will share soon.  I'm very excited about the style and some of the key frames I want to do.  So sit tight!