Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Projects

Well it's been a very busy few weeks with a new job at Quicken Loans.  I'd forgotten the demands of full-time reality and I've been able to invest very little along the lines of creativity.  SO!  Here are some updates on the plans I have for future projects and commissions:

I have 2 clients in line waiting for some quotes on some really neat commissions.  I'm liking the ideas people have in mind.  :)

I have 3 free commissions on the backburner as they're low priority.

Now I have 2 very large projects that will be taking some presidence in my free time, if and when I have some...  The first is modeling and animating some very simple concept characters for a new demo reel.  Right now I'm not that anxious to dive in, not just yet, because I just started a new job.

So prequel to this endevour is my latest project that I just started yesterday.  I plan to do a traditional animation to "The Mariner's Revenge" which is a 9 minute song by The Decemberists.  Come to find out the song doesn't have an official video, but there are a lot of fan made ones and I would like to aim at something more professional.  :)  I totally understand the scale of what I would "like" to do, so it may turn into an art series or perhaps a motion comic.  We'll see what the future holds and/or allows.

That's everything!!  I do have sketches started which I will share soon.  I'm very excited about the style and some of the key frames I want to do.  So sit tight!

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