Monday, July 8, 2013

Character: Zee WIP

This is Zee, a commission I picked up some time ago and am due to finish.  Soon the lines will be gone and she'll be nicely cell shaded.

I'm not in love with the pose, but for all the poses that didn't survive my scrutinous reference search, it was the only one that worked.  Many others just had the wrong attitude.

Mermaid Sketch

I wanted to play with buoyant hair and at last I've taken a moment to scan some images from my sketchbook.  I look forward to painting this!  Once August cruises by there will be a higher frequency of work.  I'm priming for an Etsy storefront  :)

Jean Val Jean

Did this 2 months ago, wasn't fair that my PS would time out on pause and I would have to scrub through frames to stay put.  Was a fun study though!  New PS doesn't have this problem!