Thursday, May 31, 2012


As a friendly update to say hello and let you know what's been happening on my side of the road.  I've been working 2 jobs and they have been rigorous!!  So I took a vacation to go camping, got hired for a job on the way there, gave my two jobs their notice of my soon departure, and am starting this new job on monday.  I will be working a few weekends still at the greenhouse for the remainder of the month, but come July I'm moving and will have to discontinue my service there as well.

So there is much happening and much to look forward to.  When I acquire my new job and residence I will be back to my art and exercise, it is already overdue.  But I'm having a wonderful time and I had a wonderful time camping as well.  My good friend was reading aloud around the campfire from Redwall.  And so I give to you this little illustration.  I'll be painting it soon.

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