Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Gone By

This month is crazy, enough said.  Animation and Modeling projects are on hold. I'm moving this weekend to a new location. I'm also getting a kitten. YAY!

On the sidelines I've done a piece in chalk pastel, I hope to get that made digital after the move when I have my camera back.  This was the first time I'd done any art for art's sake in a very long time. It will be going on the wall in my new Art Room at my new house.

I owe this blog a lot of art.  Trust me, there will be a night where I upload all the wonderful things I have in my sketchbook and in other places.  You won't be disappointed I promise.  Even with the setbacks in my life right now, art has still found a way to emerge from my time, and that's what's important.  It's when the pen runs dry that I should be worried, not when projects are set aside for more projects.  :)

Love you guys and look forward to showing you all things new very soon!

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