Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OC: Ciani D'Tyrsa

This is a name that has evolved through the years between genres of sci-fi to fantasy. But what has never really changed about the character is her otherworldly appearance. My affinity for Nightcrawler brought about this spunky lady, the concept prompted for my very first Table-top RP character. She had no history or racial equivalent, she was alone, unique, and as acrobatic as I could possibly make her. She is only slightly older than Ash in my timeline of creation.

She was, in retrospect, the cool person I wanted to be. She was friendly, helpful, vigilant, strong, and passionate. She didn't merit a whole lot of fanart, but she was certainly a stepping stone for digitally coloring my work as well as playing with cartoony chibi proportions while still remaining strikingly identifiable.

Ciani also challenged my illustration ability. Her introduction to Netherlight (yes, the same mentioned prior with Ash) was an anomaly. Her interactions with characters ranged from serious to outright goofy situations.

I was given a very broad range to stretch my creative muscles with personality traits and quirks. But I would have to gamble that this character, despite her unnatural appearance, was the most natural to my own personality. She was the epitome of the good traits I knew and exercised within myself on a daily basis. For that reason she was the safest choice for me to choose to act out because I knew her so well. Granted she was more daring and talented that I myself am, but all of my characters have to aspire to something greater than myself, otherwise it wouldn't be as exciting.

Her facial elements, I have to say, are one of the easiest to duplicate in any style. This is one of those portraits that I can whip up without having looked at any of my old art for years. There are specific shapes and proportions that are ingrained in my mind so absolutely sometimes it surprises even me. So Ciani D'Tyrsa everyone. :D

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