Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OC: Tora Kaldroma

Before I move on to my final OC, there's one other OC I want to mention quickly. He doesn't have a lot of art representing him, but his presence in my writing has been the balance for my final character. His name is Tora Kaldroma.

This particular name was never my original creation, but the character and his pursuits and life goals were. The name belongs to a very good friend of mine's OC when we all wrote Star Wars fiction together. I'm sure he would be very proud of the personality I've given to it. His design was based on a concept of Link from Zelda and has yet to be refined into a pure identity.

I reference him now because his sole purpose revolves around the storyline of Riona. She has a colorful history and Tora's goals are to bring her faults to light and her association to justice. This will make more sense as I describe her in due time.

Tora is legalistic, dutiful, strong and confident. He is grounded, living in the present and never the past. His presence can't be ignored and his nature reflects security to most who interact with him, unless of course you're on the wrong side of his loyalties, or the law. He is my strongest "male" character representing all I consider to be the most most powerful male attributes: courage, strength, loyalty, politeness, focus, aptitude, and passion.

Sometimes his levelheadedness has spurred some extreme situations. His flat remarks tend to provoke the overly emotional or angry individuals. This has earned him a few stitches from time to time, and yes that can also be taken literally. He has the most literal existence, the most normal and definitive life and he's very content with it. Tora is my level head, my whit, my strength and courage.

He is the antithesis for who is to be discussed next.

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