Sunday, August 22, 2010

OC: Riona Everhart

At last, it has come to this. She's been a long time coming and at last I am elated to introduce my first concept and interactive personality: Riona Everhart. This pretty little elf had a rough beginning and as she developed with experience and player interaction, the depth of her characteristics and history evolved to what she has become today.
I have always thought of myself as elf-like, having a deep affinity for elves and their pretty/stealthy/nature loving ways as I find myself having those traits as well. Riona in appearance has long white hair, deep blue eyes, and a youthful and delicate appearance. This was devised from a small piece of art by Adele Sessler back in...late 1990s? It has since evolved into its own design of which I am rather proud of. In fact I am so proud of it I made a costume to reflect her outfit of which I've worn when playing the part of an elf for whatever occasion. She has undergone major transformations over the years, from anime-like to comic style or realistic.

But regardless of the transitions she has always been the same character. She's timid, borderline mousy. She's easily intimidated and frightened, hoping to aspire to something more than she is. Which is kind of interesting to consider when you get to know her. Riona has the innate ability to heal almost through a magical means, yet the procedure for her is entirely natural. Strange to think she grew to loathe this ability, wouldn't you think?

When there were fights or battles, Riona was there in the aftermath to do her part. This had its honest purpose of course, but the girl wanted more than just this, she wanted to prevent the harm from happening to begin with, she wanted to be a fighter, a protector. She wanted to rid herself of the healing ability to take up a sword. This is where tragedy enters her back story. While searching for an answer/cure to rid herself of the thing she despised, she quite by accident read an incantation that not only failed to assist her in the task, but further cursed her for her ungrateful heart.

Without warning an area-affect fire bomb ignites in her presence, annihilating anything within close proximity. Later on it comes to take affect during moments of distress and heightened anxiety. So now it becomes her quest to undo what she has done while living in fear of this curse and in solitude to keep the innocent safe from harm.

It makes for a lonesome and worrisome life, much like where I found myself in the years between high school and college. She moves constantly, doesn't want to get too attached to anything. She is my caution and my worry, my weakness and my shy demeanor. She will help in any way she can, but can't avoid the hunt for the core of what causes the trouble in the first place. I never settle for solutions at face value, there's always something more to it, some greater emotion behind things. She is my intuitive nature, my light step, my attractive appeal.

She is my fear of change, of doing the wrong thing, of having bad timing. But all in all she is my innocence, my idea of something pristine and yet dangerous. She is talented and ungrateful. That says a lot doesn't it? Sometime I do find myself wasting my talent. And that's what this blog is all about. This is the inspiration to rekindle that talent. To take the time and pay homage to the level of skill and creativity that only I can offer. There are many artists in the world, but no two people on earth draw the same exact thing or have the same perspectives and concepts. Sure you can copy something, sure there are stereotypes, but these are all based on similar attractive traits to an individual. It makes it no less creative.

But I digress.

Riona Everhart everyone. :3

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