Saturday, April 14, 2012

Current Projects

Well everyone. My first commission portrait is done and I will be sharing that next month after it's gifted. In the meantime I haven't gone stagnant. I've continued to doodle and browse art and write with my friends.

While looking for a new desktop:

...a nice Mushishi one...

...I was browsing a lot of Final Fantasy galleries and was surprised how buried it's gotten beneath newer FF titles. It made me kinda sad that the classics might be forgotten by future generations. It reminded me of an old fanart I submitted to DeviantArt of Cloud and Aeris. This inspired the idea to revisit my old art piece and redo it. This will compare my abilities from 2004 to my abilities now in 2012.

The process has already begun.

This will be my current project for a little while. Following that will be more commissions for friends while I wait for more paid commissions.

OTHER GOOD NEWS! I'm picking up a second job at a garden center to double my income for the summer. It will mean I have less free time, but I have a feeling if I keep up this momentum, I will feel carried by it. :) I might also have new specimens to base some art on. We'll see!

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