Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Proper Credit where Credit is Due

This would never have come to pass if it weren't for my biggest fan. He believes in me and isn't afraid to push me to be my best. And so to thank you, I wanted to give you this: a new profile picture.

But truly. You ask me to draw and I may or may not do it - ever. You tell me to draw and I draw. I find my motivation to apply to work that means something to me. Without that simple prompting I would be wasting more time. My habits require scheduling and deadlines. I believe that the first assignment to make something for something I believe in has really taken a foothold in my heart and mind. I want to apply this to my thinking as often as possible: to be and do as I am. I am a talented artist, therefore I draw. I love to be creative and write, to be in control and organize, therefore I moderate forums and lead groups in my online communities.

Too often have I just "done" to be happy. Would not becoming a stronger and more talented me make me any less happy? I don't think so. :)

So to everyone watching, consider what makes you happy, what you could do to enrich your quality of life. Would you be just as happy then despite the work if not more so? So what's stopping you? There's no reason good enough not to improve. Define yourself!

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