Monday, June 21, 2010

A Little Intimidating

This theme has been ingrained in my head lately. Not being afraid of the dark. No nothing like that. But rather the feeling I get when I view my talent from a certain perspective. You might be familiar with it.

The perspective that you do the world a disservice by not doing what you're good at. I think of other cultures and how it's an insult to your whole family to waste time and not invest in becoming the best you can be. This last Sunday at the Father's Day service it was quoted (forgive me I can't find it and will add it when I have it) that a gift not exercised will whither and die. Time and time again when I begin to draw after long periods of stagnation I have to warm back up. It builds back up rather quickly but point being it has deteriorated over time. It has wilted.

I think about the things I want to do in my free time and the things I aught to do to become better, to improve myself. I realize more often how my perspective is adjusting. I have grown to want to balance my time with both fun and progressive activities. Spending too much time on one or the other just doesn't feel right.

But back to my illustration. This reflects the pressure I feel thinking solely of the fact that I should be doing something I'm not. It's scary. It's overwhelming. I want to retreat into a comfortable corner and wait for it to go away when the sun comes up. This is how it usually is for me. This is purely thinking on the notion, this doesn't include peers, family, browsing others' work, listening to stories of talent blooming, etc. Not that it compounds with these extra pressures, I suppose the point I make there is the rest is not necessary for the fact that there already is pressure, and yet it IS necessary in order to usher me out of that comfortable corner of resistance. Funny how that works.

Coming up soon will be introductions to some Original Characters of mine. They aren't getting limelight for who they are, but rather for the parts of me they represent. I've been looking forward to the series for a few days now and am very excited to share with you our "shared" traits and what I try to purvey through them.

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